Zielona Laguna Wzgórze - a new, green part of the Tri-City

Marketing services for a development investment after the burst of the housing bubble is a big challenge. Our main task was to build a website and an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

After winning the tender, ISN2 commissioned us to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and concept: from graphic design, including key visual design of the website, to graphics for large-format advertisements for the Zielona Laguna Wzgórze brand.

The basis of the communication strategy was the inseparable relationship between the price of apartments and ecological solutions, including those that save water and electricity. We focused on the slogan "Live EKOnomically" (making more sense in Polish obviously), reflecting both the ecological and economic aspect of the investment. The green areas surrounding the investment compensate for the distance from the center of Gdynia, while the proximity of the Tri-City ring road and the Kashubian road allows for faster access to strategic areas of the Tri-City than from some districts located closer to Gdynia Główna.


The design of the website was based on simplicity, high-quality photos and colors associated with ecology. Our brain perceives green as a calming color, conducive to relaxation. The white color is a symbol of purity and openness. It can stimulate creativity because it reflects an empty space that can be filled. An important role was also played by the graphic design of the map of the immediate vicinity of the estate and its location in relation to the rest of the Tri-City.

We conducted an awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram, informing recipients about the advantages of the investment. In the next stage, we collected leads from potentially interested customers. We extended the promotion of the investment to the regional information service - a sponsored article devoted to Zielona Laguna appeared on the Trojmiasto.pl portal.

In the era of galloping inflation and interest rate increases, marketing support for a development investment is a really hard nut to crack. Fortunately, we like challenges, and we are even more happy that we were trusted during such a difficult time :)

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