Woodside Imperial Porter

2020 is over - contrary to appearances it also had good moments. One of them was the premiere of Amber Brewery - Woodside Imperial Porter from the Po Godzinach (After Hours) series. It took a long time to create this exceptional beer. It was supposed to change the series after 5 years of its existence.
2 years of work, 12 years of experience

Brewers from the Amber Brewery have reached the point where they have become style experts. They worked on this special beer for almost 2 years, but they came to it after 12 years of experience with porters. It hit the shelves just before Baltic Porter Day.The twenty-first beer from the limited Po Godzinach (After Hours) line is an imperial porter aged with roasted oak flakes and cocoa shells. The composition also includes Madagascar aframmon, also known as the Paradise seed. Thanks to the pandemic, the Woodside Imperial Porter lagged for an exceptionally long time. There is no use-by date. You can put it back and drink it in a few years.

21. beer from the Po Godzinach (After Hours) series

The Woodside Imperial Porter was meant to stand out. We chose a 330 ml bottle. In Poland and Great Britain, it is still associated with cheap beer, but in Belgium, for example, such bottles contain real shots. We were convinced that those who know beer very well will appreciate this move.The bottle decoration was a real challenge and it has evolved into a separate article :)Price was an important element from the beginning. The brewery wanted to keep the price affordable, for which it is known. The very fact of returning to the painted bottle was a joy. The number of painting techniques was unlimited, but we chose the simplest one: screen printing. We wanted to refer to the old (engraved) bottles of Koźlak and Pszeniczniak.IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BEER - not wine. We were balancing on a thin border between two worlds, taking care not to cross it. The starting point was wood. It also gave rise to the name - WOODSIDE.

Marketing in times of plague

No time to look. It's a time of quick decisions and restricted movement. Hence the distribution by Żabka. You come off in slippers and there it is. We also anticipated greater price sensitivity.We intuitively followed the principle of "less is more". The so-called "silent premiere" of the newest beer from Amber Brewery was a success, surprising everyone. Even the vendors in Żabka, who placed Woodside bottles among the whiskey.2020 has been a long and difficult year. We all deserve this surprise. It will be a milestone in this never-ending history of Polish brewing. We are part of it from the very beginning.Mission completed!

Woodside Porter

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