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When we think "LogoApp", only one association immediately comes to mind: the challenge. New technologies, the first page with a Chinese language version and the first application we worked on. It has been available on the market for several days, and we can breathe a sigh of relief and observe the effects with a smile.

LogoApp is a solution for those who dream of starting their own business and want to earn money on sharing services. The application came from the Tricity company Logo-Sharing, known for renting electric scooters. The company decided to go a step further and began to make its application available to everyone who is interested in running their own business in an innovative and future-oriented industry, which is broadly understood micromobility. It is worth noting that in addition to scooters and electric cars, LogoApp also allows you to rent offices, apartments and even power banks - under its own brand!

katalog Peroni

We started with a customer and product analysis. We have established that the target group are entrepreneurs who want to earn money on sharing services by running their own business "from every corner of the world using their Smartphone". The competition study showed that the solution proposed by Logo-Sharing is comprehensive and original, especially on a national scale. Yes, there are companies that offer franchise (electric scooters are most often rented), but none of them gives the opportunity to operate under their own brand and with such a wide range of different facilities. In short: there is no such thing in Poland yet, at least not to such an extensive extent. In turn, on the international market, the micromobility industry is more popular and much more developed, especially in Western Europe and Asia. Consequently, we encountered several similar solutions along the way. But we dealt with bigger challenges!

As an agency, we were responsible for the entire graphic design, from the concept, through the layout, to the diagram, both for the website and LogoApp app. We have also prepared the content necessary to launch the website and application, which we then translated into two languages ​​(English and Chinese), taking into account the location. Especially in the case of the latter, it was not easy. It's good that we knew at the start that the Chinese version would require a different encoding. With our help, the company also started using social media. And this is not the end of our cooperation!


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