Calypso ice cream – bring back the flavour of your childhood

Our partnership with Calypso Ice Cream (Lodmor S.A.) has felt like a journey back to our childhood, but it was also a journey through several great projects. Together, we have rebranded Calypso’s best-known ice cream flavour, we released a completely new line of exotic ice cream flavours and a very important line of ice cream desserts made especially for the 60th anniversary of the client. We also introduced the brand to online communication tools and social media.

Calypso has been continuously present on the Polish market since 1959. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Older groups of consumers sympathize with the company and know the brand well, which at the same time is an obstacle in reaching younger consumers. We faced the difficult challenge of creating marketing communication and strategies that would arouse interest in the brand in all age groups.

promotional graphics: information about a great tasting, an elderly gentleman pushing an ice cream and umbrella cart, blue-gray background
white and blue packaging of Calypso ice cream, a character pushing an ice cream cart

In 2016, we designed a package of Calypso vanilla ice cream and conducted a marketing campaign introducing the new product to the local market. The strategy was based on the brand's main asset - its long presence in the industry. We referred to the consumer sentiment towards Calypso. The product promotion was accompanied by the slogan "bring back the taste of childhood". The traditional recipe of the product is based on high-quality ingredients and real cream, which gives the ice cream its unique taste and a velvety, creamy texture. These elements refer to the classics, i.e. delicious, natural ice cream. This approach made us focus on positive memories of consumers and liking for the product.

In the 60's, 70's and 80's retro-refrigerators were an unofficial symbol of the Calypso brand. They often appeared in photographs of Gdańsk from that period. This inspired us to design a cartoon man with a mustache pushing the iconic Calypso ice cream cart. You can find this character on the product packaging and in many promotional materials, including advertising banners in suburban carriages. In the summer of 2016 and 2017, we also organized tastings in the Pomeranian region. With our help, the company started using online communication tools and social media, which resulted in a huge increase in brand awareness.

three colorful packages of Calypso ice cream: yellow with a taste of salty caramel, white and silver with a taste of coconut and red with a taste of kukułka candy
In the summer of 2019, the Calypso brand celebrated its 60th birthday. On the occasion of this important event, we started preparations well in advance. We have designed special packaging for the line of ice cream desserts. Once again, we referred to the brand's long tradition. Many people have fond childhood memories of eating Calypso ice cream. That is why we decided to focus on the "Calypso children". We based the narrative on authentic people associated with the brand. We placed photos from childhood on the packaging, incl. a Calypso sales manager, a production manager, a dedicated ice cream lover, and the man who earned his first salary selling Calypso ice cream on the beach. This concept reflects the importance of the brand to different people, including the issue of corporate social responsibility. Our marketing activities focused on authentic people and their experiences with the brand.
four colorful packages of Calypso ice cream (orange, green, light pink and dark pink)

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