ENELION - Polish company that creates new generation of chargers for electric cars and software that allows charging electric vehicles and full control over the acquisition, storage and sharing of green energy.

The company was founded in Gdańsk in 2014, in response to global trends of change and energy transformation.

ENELION solutions are mainly offered on European markets, including Poland. One of the company's products - ENELION Lumina, won a number of prestigious awards, such as RED DOT 2023, IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 and GOOD DESIGN 2021.

Since 2021, we have maintained close cooperation with ENELION, supporting their marketing, design and sales teams in the field of product promotion, design and building awareness and knowledge about them.


Technological products, such as those created by ENELION, require meticulous work, taking into account norms, international standards, as well as specialist technical knowledge enabling their effective promotion.

Working with ENELION is a continuous process of education and developing the ability to transfer complex technical knowledge in a simple, understandable and accessible way for the recipient.

So far, we have co-created instructional videos, leaflets, manuals and social media content for Enelion. And even more awaits us. Our projects are created in cooperation with a 3d graphic designer and designer - Adrian Ambroziewicz.


It is no secret that the electric car market is growing at a dizzying pace, and with it the need for effective, innovative and safe charging systems is also growing. ENELION, through its products and services, not only meets these needs, but also strives to create a world where green energy is available and efficient for everyone. The three-year cooperation with ENELION is a real pleasure, resulting from the possibility of co-creating innovative products that contribute to changing the world before our very eyes.

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