Browar Amber - a comprehensive rebranding

Browar Amber is our longest-serving client. Together, we have executed a great number of projects and events, but our biggest challenge so far was to carry out a complete redesign of the line of their principal products.
In 2003, the brewery released their bock beer and since then it has focused on building their brand on different beer styles. The market had been saturated with lager beers, so this idea was an immediate success. This achievement convinced the brewery owners to expand and brew other beer styles with separate marketing ideas and different labels. These actions resulted positively in raising the brand’s awareness and on its financial situation. Before 2015, several awarded beer styles brewed by the company included Żywe, Grand, Pszeniczniak, Złote Lwy and Johannes. But we were not the only ones who came up with this kind of marketing strategy and so the market was full of beers representing an individual marketing approach, causing Browar Amber’s beers to become less visible on store shelves. That was the very moment Browar Amber announced it needed rebranding and unification of their main brands.
brown bottle of Pszeniczniak and yellow cardboard, and next to it is a brown bottle of Koźlak and a red cardboard
a brown bottle of Złote Lwy beer and a brown and beige carton, and next to a brown beer bottle Żywe and light brown carton
brown Johannes beer bottle and blue cardboard box, and next to brown APA beer bottle and green cardboard box
brown bottle of Czarny Bez beer and purple carton, next to a brown bottle of Grand beer and a brown carton
We decided to unite the client’s different lines of product under one name: ’Specjalność Pomorza’ (A Specialty of Pomerania). It may sound easy now, but at that time we were facing consumers strongly accustomed to the brand and the change we were about to make would have to be smooth and, at the same time, profound. The essentials of each brand were specified and preserved in the new design. A design that made it clear that the beers were brewed by the same company, but their specifics were different and individual. This solution made it possible to raise the brand’s awareness and to continue to develop their product line. Having in mind the original target group, we created a design that satisfies the needs of both younger and more mature consumers. The brand’s identity was refreshed. As far as customer experience is involved, the effectiveness of rebranding is best visible where the product is sold. The products are now well displayed, with communication tailored towards the customer - both in offline and online channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The key was to change the labels and to make them more technical and specialised, describing the beer styles more precisely. It was important to describe Browar Amber’s mission, the beer’s style and the history of its origin, recommended food pairings and a careful description of its ingredients.

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