Marina Rent Car - keys to luxury

Car rental market in Poland - a new challenge of creating a brand from scratch.

Marina Rent Car is a new brand established in 2021. A high entry threshold, high competition, and the need to reach great fans of the automotive industry are the features of this category that inspired us to focus mainly on design - consistent with the features of the cars offered.

Name, communication strategy, website development, website adaptation to external integration requirements, social media activities, sales campaign via Google. Cooperation with the owner, who is an expert in the industry and a great fan of the automotive industry, turned into a demanding journey, and our goal was to give it the right track.

Marina rent car - luxury car rental - Mercedes A35 AMG

Appreciating the great commitment of the brand owner, we facilitated personal contact. Measuring conversions, configuring contact forms, shortening the path to contact and enabling it through various media was our way to build trust in the brand. We want to provide access to luxury vehicles to the largest possible group of recipients. Taking advantage of the tourist attractions of the Tri-City, we have also implemented a website translation into English.

Currently, the brand is striving to become a strong competitor in the market of sports, exclusive and luxury car rentals. This is due to the competitive offer, efficient advertising, cooperation with automotive fans, attractive, new vehicles.

Our cooperation is developing - Marina Rent Car is planning to introduce new cars to its offer and to establish a car club.

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