Faktoria - The strategic fantasy board game from Lutygo

Faktoria is a strategic fantasy board game from February. We are entrusted with content management, including website design. In addition, we were responsible for directing, editing and producing instructional videos about the game.

The strategy of the campaign was laid down in association with Luc de Charrière, a Swiss game creator. Our main focus was to expose the game as playable for a broad public. We made a whole series of short movies, so that the game rules could be described in simple language by the author himself. However the universe of the game itself is interesting and quite complex, so our background task was not to destroy the magic of the game’s world, by oversimplifying the visual aspects. We also took part in building the website and the e-commerce platform for the games.

We’ve made it possible for everybody to enter Faktoria, regardless of age, language and experience!

website design and screenshots from the game Faktoria, coin, buyer
Faktoria - YouTube channel, thumbnails of the game videos and a large banner with a buyer and a coin

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