ECOCE underfloor heating films and mats offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional heating. This is our latest project in the realm of green energy.

We've built the ECOCE brand from the ground up. Recognizing the need to reduce electricity consumption in heating installations and aware of the high costs of alternative systems, we gladly embarked on promoting this new brand of affordable yet high-quality heating films. ECOCE heating film is an eco-friendly solution compatible with photovoltaic installations, designed to operate flawlessly for decades.


We've comprehensively developed our online store right from the beginning. Our tasks included logo design, UI design, writing numerous articles, SEO efforts, creating promotional graphics, running advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, product registration with GS1, building the store itself, and collaborating with platforms like Ceneo, Trusted Shops, Allegro, Amazon, and Skąpiec to ensure mutual compatibility. All of this was done to allow our clients to focus solely on sales. The store was built using Shoper software, for which we are authorized sellers.

Thanks to effective SEO optimization, we managed to reduce the cost per click in Google advertising campaigns by up to 50%. Despite having a limited number of backlinks, our website ranks on the first page of Google search results for keywords such as 'underfloor heating' and 'heating film.' Currently, ECOCE heating film is also exported to countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, and Slovakia.


We've also developed a heating cost calculator that allows you to estimate the savings of using heating film compared to traditional heating systems. This is a pioneering solution in the underfloor heating market, providing a quick estimate for our customers.


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