LOFT Architekci - back to our roots.

Interior design is our core education. That is why it was with the greatest pleasure that we welcomed LOFT Architekci Wnętrz Magdalena Adamus - a project resulting from our roots.

The aim was to create a website resembling an album containing a huge amount of photographs from completed investments. Categorize them in a legible way. Presentation of people creating spaces. Description of the interior design process and facilitating contact.

Aesthetics first!

The result was a website created with great respect for the studio's style.


The project had several basic assumptions. First of all, it was supposed to be spacious and rich in content. Illustrating the vast experience of the studio. Delicate animations encourage browsing. Cooperation with Tomasz Kurek was invaluable help. The photographs of the interiors that he took - or actually illustrated for years - were the basis for building the website. Copywriting is economical and is primarily used to define the context of the photos and build the atmosphere. The offer described as a work process defines the framework of a complex project, which is the implementation of interiors. The principle was to facilitate contact. The form finishes each page.


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