Zmiana Kebap - a craft kebap

„Zmiana Restaurant” is a new gastronomic concept on Tricity’s map. Its ambition is to change how people perceive one of the most famous fast-food dishes - a kebap.

Zmiana Kebap reflects a craft attitude. It focuses on respecting the food and controlling its preparation on each level. The products are of the highest quality. What can be prepared in the restaurant is prepared there with no use of semi-finished articles - just like the chicken meat is entirely prepared in the restaurant. The famous PIRI-PIRI from Lublin delivers quality beef/mutton meat. Vegetables are delivered every day to guarantee their freshness. In Zmiana you can order legendary Belgian fries. What’s interesting, Zmiana prepares sauces using their very own recipes. Our client decided to communicate the „kebap” nomenclature as the original Turkish name of that dish while underlining a different, innovative approach.

KEBAP CHANGE - black inscriptions, and above them a red-yellow kebab logo

At the initial stage of the brand’s creation together with a client, we decided that the core of the narrative will be informing about the characteristics of a craft kebap. Those key qualities are underlined by up-do-date photos and videos we take in the restaurant.

As an agency, we were also asked to create the communication strategy, visual identity of the brand and the creation of promotional materials. We run the client’s social media channels on a daily basis as well as we take care of all the other elements that make up for the brand’s (and maybe a whole chain's of restaurants in the future) awareness.

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