POORKEE - Always in the mood

As an advertising agency, we developed a marketing strategy for a new brand that designs and produces streetwear clothing. We created content used to set the client’s website and online store as well as his social media channels. We were responsible for running the first tests for advertising the shop.

After a thorough analysis of the client and the product itself combined with a study of the competitors, we defined the key message of the brand - "Always in the mood". The target group consists of people who value high-quality products which implies they also value durable products. They are out of the scheme, original and they manifest it on various levels with their outfits. When it comes to their choices, they are motivated not by the repeatability or popularity of patterns and cuts but rather by their bravery and originality. They are confident, and, what follows, always in a good mood.

flashing inscription "Poorkee - Always in the mood", in the neon style
Our task was to define the brand’s tone of voice, to co-create the website and the online store, to arrange packshot and lifestyle photoshoots and to create content for the website and social media channels. We were also responsible for prompting the first traffic on the website. We ran an advertising campaign on social media in order to achieve that. We created the brand’s narrative based on a thorough analysis of this branch of business, development of the strategy and with a big dose of good mood.
clipping from Instagram Poorkee, session girl, animals, smartphone

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