The introduction of Peroni Nastro Azzurro to Tricity

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a unique beer brand, an icon of Italian style, sophisticated fashion and courageous design. A beer unlike any other in Poland at the time. At the core of the brand lies „la bella figura” - beauty visible in lifestyle, behaviour and values. Just like Armani, Gucci or Prada in the world of fashion, Peroni brings entirely new quality to the world of beer.
The target group of the Peroni brand are consists of women and men aged 24 to 35 with high income and who value modern lifestyle and design. They are up-to-date with contemporary fashion but they don’t follow it without underlining their own style. The priority of the initial stage was to build the brand’s image of an icon which reflects the idea of „la bella figura”. As an advertising agency, we organised many non-standard, customised events and activities. Gradually, we had built exactly the kind of brand perception we intended. What is more, we also triggered in consumers the need to taste a beer which wasn’t yet available on the market.
closed catalog with a white cover and inscription Peroni on a red background
We were responsible for the grand launch of the beer at the COCO Club in Gdynia. Together with many people from the fashion, design and art industry, we created an outstanding event. To promote it, we arranged a photo shoot where we had regular consumers pose as models dressed in fashionable clothes and wearing professional make-up. It was a perfect reflection of the brand’s message and of its Italian sense of style.

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