Dr Oetker

Dr Oetker had been our client for many years, during which we introduced many of their products to the market, with labels and packaging of our design.
Our comprehensive service for Dr Oetker included introducing new products and running the communication relating to them. We also designed a number of packaging for new products. We were also in charge of communication relating to products that were already on the market before we started our partnership. Among these products were Pizza Ristorante, Słodka Chwila, milk mousses and the Krowa Paula dessert.
blue vanilla mousse packaging, vanilla flowers on the lid and red Dr. logo Oetker, whole on a blue background
As an agency, we came up with the idea of opening the brand to B2B transactions. That’s how the Connoisseur Club was founded. It was a loyalty program between Dr Oetker and pastry shops and bakeries.

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