Donna Marzia - a comprehensive service for a brand and restaurant

Donna Marzia Cucina Toscana - a splendid Italian restaurant in the very heart of the city of Sopot. For a few years we were responsible for a comprehensive marketing service extending far beyond restaurant activity. Donna Marzia was not only a restaurant but also a manufacturer of premium quality pasta.
We organised many events for the restaurant that took place in Sopot and we completed numerous projects, including Donna Marzia’s website, logo and menu. The creative featured a colour range suitable for premium quality products - gold and black. Some of the components referred to the colours and culture of Italy. This idea was also reflected in press and online advertising.
Donna Marzia logo - gold inscriptions and a circle of flowers, and in it a figure on the field wearing a hat
More than a restaurant, Donna Marzia also made its own pasta. We designed the packaging for nine types of handmade pasta made from Kamut, a special kind of flour. The design reflected the colour scheme we suggested for the restaurant, webpage and logo. This premium quality product was available in some countries in the European Union and in the United States.
five packages of pasta (different types) on a white background

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