Amber Pils

Browar Amber’s plans for 2017 included releasing beer different from their principal line of ’Specjalność Pomorza’ products. As their advertising agency, we were asked to create a marketing strategy and design of the beer can that would easily be recognised by regular customers but would also appear as a novelty.
We came up with a simple name for the brand - ’Amber Pils’. The name of the brand is also the name of its style, where three different types of hops are used in the brewing process. We underlined that in the communication both in online and offline channels, and on the can’s design. This beer is sold only in cans, which isn’t that common in the beer industry. The goal was to create an outstanding beer can with modern graphics to avoid being compared to, or mistaken with, low-cost beers with high alcohol content. At the same time, we had to remember the above-mentioned three different kinds of hops used to create the beer. We came up with an idea for comedy video sketches showing three exaggerated hops and a brewing vat. This simple and traditional approach was easily understood by the audience.
Amber Pils - a silver can with green graphic elements, and next to it a light beer in a tall glass
a four pack of Amber pils beer in a green package on a white background, and next to a cardboard box with silver cans on a green background
commercial leaflet of the Amber Pils beer - silver can with green graphic elements (flying hops) on a green background

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