Neptun is a lager beer brewed by Browar Amber. Since the very beginning of its existence, we have been responsible for running the brand’s social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook) and we have created tailored content for both online and offline channels of communication.
Browar Amber also asked us to design the beer’s label. We decided to emphasise the regional character of the brewery. It is situated at the seaside in northern Poland and it is distributed largely around this area. Sailing, fishing and all activities related to the sea are very important to the industry of this region. We were looking for the one thing or word that could tie them all together. We chose the Roman sea god which is already prominent in Pomeranian mythology - Neptune.
  Focusing on mythology, we were able to create a clever, endless narrative. It naturally helped to design the label and all promotional materials. It also became a very pleasant story told through copywriting.    

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