123kawa - one, two, three — fresh coffee guaranteed

We developed an entire marketing strategy for a new brand of coffee beans. We designed and constructed the client’s website and online store, creating content for the site and social media profiles. Our task was also to create product labels.
After a thorough analysis of the client and its product, and surveys conducted among different groups, we defined the key component - fresh roasted coffee. But a simple slogan: ’fresh roasted coffee’ is too broad. We needed a concept around which we could build a narrative. A narrative that would allow us to create a clear and distinct voice. We made fresh roasted coffee that concept, a core value around which we have built the entire strategy.
We came up with ’123kawa’ (kawa is Polish for ’coffee’) - great quality coffee, delivered quickly and on demand. For this concept we also created a wide range of graphic materials emphasising how to use the product in three steps. It’s a narrative that carries many meanings at once: a great brand selling fresh, tasty coffee in an accessible and transparent way. Easy as one, two, three!

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